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[Standalone] DP Emotes V3 For FiveM Server


fivem emote script

DP emote is the script that allows user to do custom emote on your FiveM server, this script include multiple emotes and can customize the script as you wish and you can add your own created emote on the script and low resource loading


  • Custom Animations
  • Customizable configuration
  • Synced animation
  • Animal animations
  • Couple Animations


  • ox_lib

Customize Keybind

The keybind uses RegisterKeyMapping. By default, the server owner configured keybind in the initial config.lua will be the default key, however once the keybind is set for a user, it’ll stay with this new value. Editing the config keybind will change it for new players only. Previous players can set their own keybind to open the menu with settings>keybind>fivem



  • Extract the file 
  • Copy to Resources folder
  • Add respective code on server.cfg
  • Restart the server


  "persistentRadar": false,
  "metricSystem": true,
  "stamina": false,
  "stress": false,
  "fuel": false,
  "circleMap": true,
  "serverLogo": true,
  "voice": {
    "enabled": false,
    "service": "pma-voice"
  "seatbelt": {
    "enabled": false,
    "key": "B"
  "menu": {
    "enabled": true,
    "key": "F10"
  "refreshRates": {
    "base": 200,
    "status": 3000,
    "checks": 1000



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DP Emotes V3

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