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fivem speedometer

This is a custom fivem speedometer with hologram effects. by this fivem script you can install hologram speedometer in your sever. This script include the stream file for the Fivem speedometer. This fivem Speedometer have the feature of commands to turn on and off specific features and functions. the commands are detailed below for this script


  • Floating Speedometer
  • Customizable
  • Easy to install 
  • Custom Commands for Customization
  • Fivem Ready
  • No dependencies needed


  • Download the Fivem Speedometer with Hologram
  • Copy the folder to Resources folder
  • Add ensure hologramSpeed in server.cfg
  • Restart Your Server

Frequently asked Questions

Why The Speedometer Blurred ?

Remove NVE Motion Blur and Remove Motion Blur on Grapghic settings.

Why can't See the speedometer?

Make sure that you have installed the resource correctly. The name of your resource may not be compatible with NUI due to DNS name restrictions.

How can I change the theme of Speedometer?You can Change Theme of speedometer by using /hsp theme [name].


/hsp : Toggle the speedometer
/hsp theme <name> : Set the theme of the hologram speedometer, the default theme is default.
/hsp offset <x> <y> <z> : Set the offset of the hologram speedometer, leave xyz to blank will reset to default offset.
/hsp rotate <x> <y> <z> : Set the rotate of the fivem holgram speedometer, leave xyz to blank will reset to default rotate.



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Fivem Speedometer Hologram

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