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[ESX] esx_menu_default - esx Menu Default With New Design With 3D view


esx menu default script new design
This is a esx script that is customized menu for esx fivem server, this script include 2D and 3D view of esx_menu_default script, this menu script for fivem enables you to install customized menu for fivem with images as you wish.

The banner is customizable and easy to change the images by just changing few lines of code


  • Customizable
  • Easy to install
  • 3D view of fivem menu
  • CSS is editable


How to change Banner in Menu of FiveM?

  • Open esx_menu_default/html/css/app.css
  • Go to Line Number 42
background-image: url(;
  • Replace the URL to Your Image URL
  • Save then restart the server

How to convert FiveM menu to 3D?

  • Open esx_menu_default/html/css/app.css
  • Go to line 16-18
/* -webkit-transform: perspective(0px) translateZ(0); transform: perspective(0px) translateZ(0); transform: perspective(900px) rotateY(20deg); */
  • Remove the /* and */ for uncomment the code .
  • Save and restart your server

How to turn Off The Sound of Menu in FiveM?

  • Go to esx_menu_default/client/main.lua
  • On the second line 
Local SoundOn = true

  • Change that into False
  • Save then Restart the server 


Download the FiveM script by click the button below and wait for 15 seconds. Thank You For Your Patience

Click the Button Below to Download the File.

esx_menu_default Custom Menu Script Download

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