[Standalone] Luxart Vehicle Control v3 For FiveM Free - Emergency Vehicle Control FiveM Script Download


This Script enables your police vehicle to control sirens and Emergency lights of police vehicle and Ambulance.


LuxHUD: A small togglable and adjustable visual representation of the scripts functionality modeled after real siren controllers. Includes 3 position switch, siren, horn, takedown, and lockout textures. Includes ability to move and save location and opacity of HUD.

Additional Tones ("Siren Mastery"): Add support for up to 6 additional vanilla tones: RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_WAIL_01,2,3 and RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_QUICK_01,2,3. With a plethora of customization on how LVC works for you. Some examples: an expanded siren set for all to use including custom created sweeps/autocycles, department specific siren such as Paleto using one siren pack and LSPD using another, the options are endless.

ELS Style Hotkey Assignments: Cycle your tones like single player ELS with player definied hotkey assignments. For example use your numrow or numpad to change sirens on the fly.

Adjustable Manual / Auxilary Tones: Change which tone to use for each manual tone (primary and secondary) as well as the auxiliary tone. These are also saved to the client requiring no changes at relog.

Lockout: Ability to lock all siren/light controls using a player set key to prevent activation while typing (or eating). Locking/Unlocking shows on screen notification and audible tone. Includes reminder tone every X key presses, where X can be set by server developers.

Hazards Delay & SoundFX: Customizable "Hold-to-activate/deactivate" hazard lights to prevent accidental activation when navigating trainers/vMenu. Added activation/deactivation sound effect of toggle switch based off IRL vehicle toggle switches.

Download & Installation Guide

  1. Download the latest stable release Luxart.Vehicle.Control.vX.X.X.zip (not source code) from 
  2. Copy RageUI folder from 'dependencies' folder in resources folder.
  3. Copy lvc folder to resources folder.
  4. Add ensure lvc to server.cfg.


Click the Button Below to Download the File.

Luxart vehicle control


Luxart Vehicle Control was an ingenious creation by Lt. Caine! Thank you!

ELS Clicks added by Faction, this added realism pushed me to get into developing in the first place. Thank you!

All credit to those above who contributed there projects can be found here:

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