[QB] Farming Job Script for FiveM


qb farming script for fivem

This QBCore Script allow you to install farming system in your server for better experience and Roleplaying. It is a qb script only work in qb servers

By this script you can farm various things


  • Hassle-free configuration
  • Customizable blips
  • Integrated Map
  • Multiple language can be adjusted in config.lua
  • All things can be customized in config.lua


  • Set all Dependencies in your server 
  • Copy the qb script to resources folder
  • Add relevant lines in server.cfg
  • Restart the server


qb farming script for fivem server



Download the FiveM script by click the button below and wait for 15 seconds. Thank You For Your Patience

Click the Button Below to Download the File.

QB Farming Script for FiveM

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