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fivem shops script

This ESX FiveM script is based on esx_supermarket script for esx servers in fivem, This shop script allows to install interactive shop menu and buying experience in FiveM server.

First you have to delete esx_shops script to install this shop script in your server.


  • Download shops script for fivem from below 
  • Extract the zip file
  • Copy the folder into resources folder of fivem server
  • Load the sql file into your sql server
  • Add respective code in server.cfg

Adding Items in Shop

  • First need to add items into the Items Table in your sql server. for eg:
INSERT INTO `items` (`name`, `label`, `weight`) VALUES ('banana', 'Banana', 10);
  • Then Add items to Shops Table in your sql server, for eg:
INSERT INTO `shops` (store, item, price) VALUES ('TwentyFourSeven','banana',50);

  •  Add an image for your item in html/img folder
  • You don't have to add path of the image into fxmanifest.lua file, just make sure it to be a .png format


Coming soon


Download the FiveM script by click the button below and wait for 15 seconds. Thank You For Your Patience

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FiveM Shop Script Download

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