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[ESX] esx_mechanic job - ESX Mechanic job for FiveM Script


esx_mechanic job fivem download free

esx_mechanic job is esx based script for FiveM server , this script enable the Mechanic job in your FiveM server. 

This script include the mechanic job ,which can be assigned to specific players and its fully optimized esx script , and its easy to install


  • The esx_mechanic Job script allows player to play as mechanic or to have mechanic job
  • The mechanic job allows players to send bills to other players for their services
  • Mechanic have the ability to clean and detail the cars
  • Repair damaged vehicles
  • Tow Vehicles
  • Special Blip for Mechanics on the server
  • Available in French and English



  • Go to the resources folder in FiveM Server folder
  • Import the esx_mechanicjob.sql to your SQL server
  • Add Start esx_mechanicjob to Server.cfg
  • Restart your FiveM Server or Start the esx mechanic job script



Download the FiveM script by click the button below and wait for 15 seconds. ThankYou For Your Patience

Click the Button Below to Download the File.

esx_mechanic job script

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