[Standalone] Gears (realistic automatic vehicle transmission) FiveM Script

FiveM Manual Transmission Script

This Script enables the Gears/ Transmission control on your FiveM server. you can set a couple of keys in the settings to change your gears. There is P, R, N, D, and S. When your car is on P you won’t be able to move it. 

If your car is on R. When pressing W your car will reverse and when pressing S you will just brake. And if you have your car on N it does nothing. 

If your car is on D then it will be driving slowly by itself unless you press W then it will accelerate and if you press S it will brake you won’t be able to reverse unless you change your gear to R. 

And lastly if your car is on S it’s the same as D but your car will be on higher rpm and it will have a little more power.



  • Automatic transmission control
  • Customizable transmission control key
  • Realistic RPM
  • Standalone , Works with any Framework


  • Download the Transmission Script 
  • Extract the folder and copy to resources Folder
  • Add Respective Start command in server.cfg

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