Months ago I have decided to design UI for games. Grand Theft Auto’s license was one of the best free sandbox area choice to express yourself, especially with roleplay mode.

So I decided to design all elements from scratch and develop them to play with own features.

It’s time to share it with you !


  • Character creator
  • Menu
  • Inventory
  • Messaging service
  • Speedometer
  • Hunger/Thirst HUD



  • Full face customization (including mom & dad faces heritage, beard, freckle, eczema, eyebrows & more)
  • Select over +1000 presets on character creator
  • Carrying limit for inventories (player and vehicles)
  • Slower movements if carrying limit is over 80%
  • Drag-n-drop any objects. It works for the ground, own inventory, car’s inventory or any near by person (NPC and real player)
  • Interact with object to consume them
  • Each object has its own weight and properties (ex: thirst will be more regenerated with water than beer)
  • Get different variations of clothes in your inventory and equip or unequip them via dedicated clothes panel
  • Hunger and thirst will be consumed faster when you are running or fighting with hands
  • If your thirst or/and hunger bar is too longer empty, your health go down up to a dizzy spell and loss of consciousness (and so you are unable to control character anymore)
  • Target any entity to interact with it (players, NPC, vehicles, objects if in database)
  • Fuel & gas station all around Los Santos
  • Turn signal
  • Messaging service can be used in-game and via web app even if user is not connected to the server
  • Emojis available
  • Some locations don’t deliver mobile network (too far away from cities or restricted areas). Its means that you can’t send message to your friends or survival information are no more updated. Take care…


Download the FiveM script by click the button below and wait for 15 seconds. Thank You For Your Patience

Click the Button Below to Download the File.

Enhanced Hud For FiveM

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