[ESX&QBCORE] NPC Doctor Script for FiveM


Download: hh_aidoc-main.zip

Command: /help when you are dead.

This script is very useful for huge servers where the user has no choice but to respawn.

The ems ped in the ambulance can come from anywhere, no matter where you are.


  • Ambulance money/charges for service will be deducted from Bank
  • The way the Peds is driven is very well organized, it will not drive recklessly.
  • This script is highly configurable according to your choice, all options that you see in the video and functions can be edited with the notifications.
  • This script supports ESX and QB.
  • It automatically adapts to your framework, regardless of whether ESX / QB is basically a put-and-run script.

1 comment

  1. Thank you for this extremely useful script runs on the old QBCore so to put it on the new one because the export.lua was removed
    QBCore = exports["qb-core"]:GetCoreObject()
    Add line 6 server file
    and line 26 client file

    do not forget to delete in fxmanifest the line export.lua