[Standalone] Halloween Quest FiveM Script For ESX and QBUS

Halloween Quest FiveM Script For ESX and QBUS

This Halloween script enables us to play a Halloween quest to collect the small dolls on the whole map.
There are 100 Halloween dolls in random locations and its like a bounty hunting in the roleplay server.


  • 100 Random Locations
  • Can set up rewards for people who collected all 
  • Works in all framework 



  • Download the Script
  • Extract file named halloween-quest-main.zip
  • copy folder named halloween-quest-main
  • paste it on resources folder
  • Rename halloween-quest-main to halloween-quest
  • Open Server.cfg
  • Add this line on server.cfg
start halloween-quest

  • Restart the Server


If you need to Give Rewards who Collected All Dolls then Add the Code 

-- Example reward event AddEventHandler('halloween-quest:collectedAllFigures', function(playerSource) print('Player collect all figures: '..playerSource) end)

Thankyou Enjoy the Script 


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