1. Mumble-Voip - >
  2. RP-Radio ->

Step 1:

We put the files mumble-voipand rp-radioin our resource folder and enter them in our server.cfg.

Now we go to the mumble-voip file and open the config.lua.

There we can enter the name of the radio. EXAMPLE: If we name it LSPD radio and connect to it, it will show LSPD radio on the radio display.

Step 2:

Now we come to the folder called rp-radio and open the client.lua.

Here you can change it to Has = true in the 2nd line with Has = false then you have the radio directly when you type / radio. But if you leave it on false you have to add the radio as an item in your MySQL database called "radio".

Step 3:

Now we open the config.lua in our rp-radio file.

Here you can change the key assignment with which you switch on the radio. The current key is Shift + f2. The buttons ->

Now let's scroll down until we find this section:

We have to be careful here. These are private channels. Example: If we write 5 instead of 1 in line 42, people with special authorizations such as police, EMS and sheriff can access the first 5 channels. "Max" in line 47 is the maximum number of channels available on the radio. Example: If we change the number from 800 to 200, no channels can be entered after channel 200.

Step 4:

This is how we integrate the phone!

We go to gcphone> client> client.lua

Part of answering the incoming call.

Make the changes you can see in the picture

The part because you have to change

  1. exports["mumble-voip"]:SetCallChannel( + 1)

Step 5:

Now comes gcPhone: rejectCall ", which is located directly below.

Make the changes you can see in the picture

The part you gotta change

  1. exports["mumble-voip"]:SetCallChannel(0)

We're done ;)Now you can join the server without Teamspeak as with other voice systems.

Have fun!

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