Download: esx_adminmode-main.zip

This is a simple admin mode that enables users of a certain group to switch to a special "service mode".

In mode:

  • GodModus
  • Changes your job to a ready-to-use version
  • Heal the player
  • Spawns in an admin vehicle (if specified)
  • Automatically changes the player's Ped (if specified)

From the mode:

  • GodModus is switched off
  • Change your job to what you had before
  • Deletes the admin vehicle
  • Delete the admin skin and you will get your old one again

Admin panel:

  • Ability to warn, kick and ban players
  • Warnings and kicks can be carried out anonymously
  • Bans can be executed offline
  • ALL identifiers (IP, Steam, Rockstar, Discord, etc.) can be blocked.


  • / accassist [ID] - Teleports to the specified player
  • / adminmode - Switches the player to admin mode.
  • / assist [reason] - Requests support from administrators
  • / ban - Opens the ban window
  • / banlist - Opens the ban list
  • / cassist - Cancels your active support for the player
  • / decassist - Declines pending support (support is still open to other administrators).
  • / finassist - Ends active support and teleports the admin back to where he was.
  • / kick - Opens the kick window
  • / warn - Opens the warning window
  • / warnlist - Opens the warning list
  • /sc [message] - Staff Chat

The installation is completely normal as with any other system.

Have fun ;)

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