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anti cheat script for fivem

You don't necessarily have to use ESX, but there are functions that do require it.

But you can deactivate it and the anti-cheat will continue to work.

Check out esx_mechanic job script


  • Anti GodMode
  • Anti Spectate
  • Anti SpeedHacks
  • Anti Explosion Damage
  • Anti Blacklisted Weapons
  • Anti VDM (Toggleable)
  • Anti Weapon Damage Modifier
  • Anti Thermal Vision
  • Anti Night Vision
  • Anti Resource Injection
  • Anti Resource Start/Stop
  • Anti Command Injection
  • Anti License Clears
  • Anti LUA Injections
  • Anti Vehicle Weapons
  • Anti Keyboard Injections
  • Anti CheatEngine
  • Anti Noclip
  • Anti Player Blips
  • Anti Infinite Ammo
  • Anti Ped Change
  • Anti Vehicle Modifiers (Rainbow car, speed mods etc)
  • Anti Super Jump
  • Anti FreeCam (Fallout or similars)
  • Anti Menyoo
  • Anti Ped Revives
  • Anti Suicide using Mod Menús
  • Anti Give Armor
  • Anti Vehicle Spawn
  • Anti Blacklisted Explosions
  • Anti Mass Explosions
  • Anti Blacklisted Peds
  • Anti Mass Ped Spawn
  • Anti Blacklisted Vehicles
  • Anti Mass Vehicle Spawn
  • Anti Blacklisted Props
  • Anti Mass Prop Spawn
  • Anti Particles
  • Anti Blocked Words
  • Anti Blacklisted Triggers
  • Anti VPN


coming soon...


  1. We put the Anticheat folder on our server under "resources" and if we want to use the admin menu "MenuV" we also upload it.
  2. We enter the two scripts into the server.cfg
  3. We upload the SQL file to our MySQL server

With the MenuV we add the following to the server.cfg

  • add_ace vbacadmin allow
    add_ace identifier.steam: 000000000000000 vbacadmin allow (don't forget your steamid)

Without the MenuV the following

  • add_ace vbacbypass allow
    add_ace identifier.steam: 000000000000000 vbacbypass allow (don't forget your steamid)


Download the FiveM script by click the button below and wait for 8 seconds. Thank You For Your Patience

Click the Button Below to Download the File.


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