Welcome , today I will show you how you can play on the Liberty City Map on your server!

:?:What do I have to consider:?:

Before you start, you invite you the complete "installation README" shut------>

Important: You have to drive through the whole city to automatically download all necessary files for Fivem in your cache, errors can occur for the first 20 minutes. This only happens the first time you drive on a road. If you drive all over the city, the map will be completely downloaded from your FiveM. 10 GB need to be downloaded. Then the game works perfectly in all map zones.


Attention: Read the "Readme" through, you have several versions to choose from! everything is described there.


I chose the following



  1. 3: Minimap: minimap for moved map Download FIVEM.rar 

you only replace the Citzen folder completely, you don't have to do anything else.

IMPORTANT: You should have a "Mods" folder in your game directory. You need a copy of the original base files from the original game and a copy of the update folder and all of them pasted into the mods folder: - x64g.rpf - A copy from the original update folder with all of its contents. - A gameconfig.xml for game mods (included for some versions)

  1. Copy the content from the download folder "Mods" into your Mods folder. -Update folder -common.rpf -x64a.rpf -x64b.rpf -x64g.rpf (copy this file from the original game)
  2. -Update folder The content of the downloaded update folder must be updated in your file "update.rpf" in your Mods / Update folder. Edit your "update.rpf" with Open IV and add the new one, you need a gameconfig for your game version.
  3. 2- In Open IV in edit mode, add the content from the “x64g” folder to the copied x64g.rpf file in the Mods folder.
  4. Textures. GTA V / mods / x64g.rpf 3- The rest of the files go to the respective folder in the Mods folder.
  5. 4- Go to /Update/update.rpf/common/data and extract dlclist.xml opened with "notepad ++" and paste these lines to install the LIBERTY V v1.0.1 map:
  1. dlcpacks:/eastny/
  2. dlcpacks:/interiorsny/
  3. dlcpacks:/jersey/
  4. dlcpacks:/manhatny/
  5. dlcpacks:/propsny/
  6. dlcpacks:/ny/

Or add these lines to install the relocated LIBERTY CITY CARD:

  1. dlcpacks:/eastny/
  2. dlcpacks:/interiorsny/
  3. dlcpacks:/jersey/
  4. dlcpacks:/manhatny/
  5. dlcpacks:/propsny/

If you want to install the moved map version, you have to edit the file dlclist.xml and delete the line: dlcpacks: \ ny \ if you don't do it the game will crash.

Install only one card. Store and replace the old one.

In single player mode, the traffic in the south stops in the map version that has not been moved - To fix this problem, install Autodrive to use the DLL files you have to copy in the scripst folder.

As soon as we have done all this, we add the downloaded folder to our server under "resources"

Now open the Server.cfg and insert the following.

You can start the server.

If something doesn't work, I'll give you an original link to the performance here…berty-city-v-remix-v-3-2/

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  1. Hello ,

    I managed to put the Vice city map on my FiveM server, but I don't understand how to do the Liberty map.

    Would it be possible to get help? or would you have a video please?

    If help, I wouldn't mind having to pay for the time to pass :).

    1. hope this video will help you

  2. links are no good i want the mini map