Download: ZOMBIEV2

This is a zombie fashion.

The goal is to kill as many zombies as possible, this will give you XP and level up.

At level 25 there is a special car dealership with cool vehicles.

You can search the corpses and garbage cans, find money / vehicles / medicines, etc.

You can buy weapons / ammunition / drugs / vehicles / styles etc in the safe zone.

Use the / esxp command to check your points


We download the server pack and unzip it on the desktop.

Now we open the "starter" file with Notepad ++ and enter our path to the folder there.

For me it looks like this:

  1. cd /d C:\Users\Alex\Desktop\ESXZOMBIEV2
  2. C:\Users\Alex\Desktop\ESXZOMBIEV2\FXServer.exe +exec server.cfg

Now we load the database

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