Download: gangwar.zip

Requires ESX Police and ESX Ambulance jobs if the configuration value BlockEmergencyServices in the configuration is set to "true"

So far the script has only one zone.


  • A group of at least 3 and no more than 5 players will join a group if they are in the area.
  • One member can start recording (the neutral recording takes 1 minute. If someone else already owns the zone, it will take longer depending on how many players are on.
  • If no gang members are online, the zone cannot be captured.
  • A blue zone (wall) marks the zone.
  • During both party and capture, anyone who leaves the capture area will be removed from the party or capture. The same is true when you die.
  • In the case of a gang war, all current members who are online will be notified and the conquerors will be

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