GTA 5 on Android Phones ? GTA 5 APK Download ? The Fact About GTA 5 Playing on Android Devices !!


Grand Theft Auto V on Android

Grand Theft Auto V also known as GTA 5 is the most popular game to come from Rockstar games and one of the most popular and Most selling Game since 2013.

When it was released the Game was PlayStation Exclusive, And later released on platforms like Xbox and PC.

Many of the users want the GTA 5 on android but it is complex and very difficult to port .Unlike GTA San Andreas the GTA 5 game size is so big and Very complex Programming. However there are simple tricks to play GTA 5 on android Phones

This Subject is very viral and involves scam on YouTube and other social media Platforms. Many of them like GTA 5 on Android For 1GB or 500MB like that. Most of them are fake and luring people to install malicious apps into your phone.

Please beware about those will destroy your phone and may be leak your personal data in to others hands.

What is the truth About Playing GTA 5 on Android

There are Few Legit way to play GTA 5 on android devices , The YouTubers using that trick to increase their reach and make you fall for their needs. And There is no way to play GTA V locally on your Android device

You may wonder, how they do it?

They use the technology that help to stream game over Cloud .That means they are just streaming their Game from their PC to their Phone over Internet or Local Wi-Fi Connection

First thing that you must know that the GTA 5 is Approximately 110 GB in PC, and if you have no computer with you then the trick won't work for you.

How it is working ?

There are few Software to Play GTA 5 on Android Phone only if you have a copy of game on your computer and computer and android phone must have the Internet connection.

Here are two apps I am introducing
  1. Vortex Cloud Gaming

  2. Steam Link

Vortex Cloud Gaming

Vortex Cloud Gaming Service is the Cloud Gaming solution help to Play big console and PC games on your android phone. The Vortex cloud gaming Available on your Android Phone ,Tablet and Smart TV. You can easily download the app from the Play store and start playing.

Steam Link

If you have GTA 5 on Steam , then Use the Steam Link app to remote play the game through a fast local connection. This is a solution for people with 5GHZ routers and want to play the game in their home. Steam Link is a free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store.


These are two different solutions that should be able to bring GTA V to your phone, There are plenty other cloud gaming apps available in internet , be wise and don't fall for the scamming YouTube videos.

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