How to Use Digital Ocean For Hosting Fivem server


Digital Ocean Cloud Services is easy to implement the fivem server. when I have started the Fivem server I used Digital Ocean for my server. It gave me a pleasant experience in VPS Administration and Easy for setup. They helped me to create a Mysql server for Fivem. I strongly recommend Digital Ocean.

 For a Starter, Their free $100 credit helps me to spend zero for setting up my server. 


Tips: You can get a free $100 Credit if you signup on the above link. Asking card just for verification. within 20 days the credited amount will return to your account.


  • Signup on Digital Ocean
  • Add a Ubuntu Instance
  • Copy The IP Address Of your server
  • Download and install Putty (Recommended)
  • Enter IP address and connect with putty
  • Create a folder 
  • Download artifacts and extract it 
  • Follow the steps in this tutorial
Benefits of Digital Ocean
  • First three months you can have a server for free
  • Reduces initial investment
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer support
If you need a server and you have less money then setting up with digital Ocean is best way to start a server

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