How much Ram need to run fivem server?

If you are starting a fivem server the crucial part is to choose the specification of the server. Everyone will confuse about the spec for the server VPS. According to my personal experience, the need for specs varies from different VPS servers.

For the First 3 months, I tried the Digital Ocean instance with 8 GB ram with Ubuntu Operating System. It showed me good performance and even 32 Players No issues raised for us.

Then I Moved to OVH, It was a good VPS with a higher Bandwidth. It also good for us but a little bit costly than Digital Ocean. But the higher Bandwidth was good enough. In OVH we took the same 8GB Ram Variant and we had players up to 64 at this time only about 6.5GB Ram used at the time. and we tested the server with 300+ resources including textures, Addon vehicles, and custom maps. and it worked perfectly for us.

                    UP TO 32 PLAYERS                                                       -    4GB (3GB Enough)

                    32 PLAYERS TO 64 PLAYERS                                     -    8GB (6 or 7 Enogh)

                    64 PLAYERS TO 128 PLAYERS                                   -    16 GB


I think the fivem needs about 7 BG Ram for 64 players with 200+ resources. If you are 32 Players 4 GB will be enough for loading 200+ resources. I don't recommend 150+ resources in a server. It will make a lot of time to load for low-end PC players

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